Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Remaining calm

Sometimes I have a tendency to hysterics. Wondering, have I made the right lab choice? WIll I ever publish? graduate? However, I find in those moments it is comforting to remember that everyone has these doubts. Some are just better at hiding it than others.

This evening I spoke to a group of girls interested in science careers. At the end of the event one of them commented on how amazed she was that I could be so calm and collected. I had to turn around and make sure they she wasn't referring to someone else. I was calm and collected? impossible. Yet, apparently I had a zen like aura of tranquility. This made me wonder how many other seemingly calm people sometimes wonder if they have made the right choices. In the decided that most of us have our moments, both calm and frazzled. Surrounding yourself with supportive people is key.

It also doesn't hurt when your program will pay for you to go to a conference in Europe and thus you get a two week free vacation. Wondering why I don't post that often? Well, sometimes I'm on these interesting little trips. Sometimes I am just lazy. But I'll try harder. Thanks for being patient.

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